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Discover Our New Art Glass By Mark Rosenbaum

Artisan Mark Rosenbaum creates distinctive, artistic work utilizing traditional glassblowing techniques. Classical shapes, iridescent colors and interior designs are combined to provide a unique approach to an ancient art. We have selected an array of art glass that includes vases, bowls, wine goblets, martini glasses, champagne flutes, and ice buckets. Ideal for the collector and perfect for gift giving.

Mark Rosenbaum ~ Featured Artisan Bacchus & Jack Fine Goods
Craft Beer Enthusiast ~ Bacchus & Jack Fine Goods

Craft Beer Enthusiast

Glassware is important, our collections provide the appropriate vessels to complete the experience .

Shop All ~ Wine Enthusiast

Wine Enthusiast

Our collections provide a rare blend of uncommon goods, glass wares, accessories, and gifts.

Shop All ~ Spirit Enthusiast

Spirit Enthusiast

Bring out the best in any bottle, our collections provide a diverse selection of unique bar and glass wares accessories and gifts

Big Joe ~ 7 Cigar Travel Humidor

Big Joe ~ 7 Cigar Travel Humidor

The Hamilton Travel Bar ~ Bacchus & Jack Fine Goods

The Hamilton Travel Bar

Home Distilling ~ Bacchus & Jack Fine Goods

Discover Our Line of Handcrafted Copper Stills

These beautiful copper stills are meticulously handcrafted to stand the test of time. All parts of the alembic are soldered to ensure a perfect seal using copper, brass, 100% lead-free tin or silver and meet all food safe standards.  They are great for the beginner and certainly appreciated by the distilling enthusiast. 

Shop All ~ Entertaining Bacchus & Jack Fine Goods


Our collections provide inspiration for stylish entertaining; a fabulous selection of all the most requested essentials.

Personalized Gifts ~ Bacchus & Jack Fine Goods

Personalized Gifts

Every gift has a story, and we love telling it. Escape the ordinary, and break all the rules when it comes to your gift buying regiment.

Artisans & Makers

A curated selection of artisan and makers products., from fine furniture to wine and bourbon chocolates.

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We are driven by our love of fine wines, spirits, food and entertaining. We relish in finding the very best products and sharing them with you.