Celebrate Friends~giving

It is the friendships in our lives that we are most thankful for, so to help you Celebrate Friends~giving, Bacchus & Jack want you to enjoy a friendly discount of 15% off in our Entertaining, Wine, Spirit, and Craft Beer Marketplaces.


Valid until November 21, 2018

Friendsgiving! Celebrate with Bacchus & Jack

November 23rd to 25th ~  10% Off Your Order ~ Code ~ Blackout

November 26th to December 1st ~ 20% Off Any Item from our Holiday Gift Guide  ~ Code ~ Cyber

Holiday Gift Guide 2018 ~ Bacchus & Jack Fine Goods

Holiday Promo Code ~ Holiday

December 2nd to 4th ~ 10% Off Holiday Décor, while supplies last!

December 5th to 7th ~ 10% Off Sweets & Confections, while supplies last!

December 8th to 10th ~ 20% Off Holiday Gift Guide, while supplies last!

December 11th to 24th ~ 25% Off Holiday Décor with purchase of Gift Certificate, while supplies last;     Not Guaranteed for Deliver in Time for December 12th to 25th 

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Wine Enthusiast

Our collections provide a rare blend of uncommon goods, glass wares, accessories, and gifts.

For the Traveling Wine Collector

VinGardeValise® is your ultimate wine carrier and lets you travel confidently, secure in the knowledge that your wine and beverage bottles, and glasses will reach your destination, no matter what. And we mean no matter what! Practically indestructible, this wine carrying case has a 100% poly-carbonate shell and dense closed-cell foam that will enable you transport all of your “…liquid poetry.”

VinGardeValise® ~ Bacchus & Jack Fine Goods
Shop All ~ Spirit Enthusiast

Spirit Enthusiast

Bring out the best in any bottle, our collections provide a diverse selection of unique bar and glass wares accessories and gifts

Eat Your Bourbon ~ Bacchus & Jack Fine Goods

Perfect For Your End Of Summer Barbecue

EAT YOUR BOURBON embraces the history and mystique of Kentucky’s Bourbon Country; all of the items are handcrafted in small batches in Louisville, Kentucky. They use reclaimed barrels straight from Kentucky’s finest bourbon distilleries as both a smoking and aging agent. The process imparts an added dimension of flavor that cannot be replicated using any other method. From soy sauce to seasonings, you're gonna love these gift boxes!

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Our collections provide inspiration for stylish entertaining; a fabulous selection of all the most requested essentials.

Ideal For Your Creating a Unique Display

At once space-saving and stylish, the Serving Ladder is a 3-tiered serving station with small, medium, and large removable trays set on a collapsible ladder. Made of Natural Acacia, this serving set is the perfect centerpiece for wine & cheese tastings! The beautiful layout will especially wow the guests at your next dinner party or family get together.

Serving Ladder 3 Tiered Serving Cheese Board ~ Bacchus & Jack Fine Goods

Craft Beer Enthusiast ~ Bacchus & Jack Fine Goods

Craft Beer Enthusiast

Glassware is important, our collections provide the appropriate vessels to complete the experience .

Take Our Beer Caddy Along

Your friends will thank you when you show up with the Beer Caddy ~ a soft-sided cooler filled with their favorite cold beverages. The Beer Caddy comes with a removable padded divider and an adjustable shoulder strap.; as well as a retractable bottle opener! It holds six bottles securely, while allowing you to remove each bottle without having to open the flap. Keep your beverages cold and classy with the coolest beer caddy you’ve ever laid your eyes on.

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Personalized Gifts

Every gift has a story, and we love telling it. Escape the ordinary, and break all the rules when it comes to your gift buying regiment.

Artisans & Makers

A curated selection of artisan and makers products., from fine furniture to wine and bourbon chocolates.

Our Story

We are driven by our love of fine wines, spirits, food and entertaining. We relish in finding the very best products and sharing them with you.