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Our collecti
ons provide a rare blend of uncommon goods, glass wares, accessories, and gifts.

Bacchus and Jack Fine Goods offers glass wares, accessories, and gifts for the wine enthusiast. You will discover wine accessories, gift sets, glasses, and more. Our high-quality marketplace features wine accessories such as our handcrafted corkscrews, featuring LaVigne and Chateau Laguiole, aerators, funnel sets, stands and cleaning accessories, bottle holders, chillers and more. Bacchus and Jack decanters are an essential for every wine lover, each will measurably heighten your enjoyment of wine, and they make for an exquisite gift. Every drink deserves a fitting glass, Bacchus and Jack has glassware for tastings, red wine, white wine, and champagne.

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194 Bottle Single Zone 166 Bottle Dual Zone 166 Bottle Single Zone 46 Bottle Deluxe Dual Zone
194 Bottle Single Zone
Our Price: $1,750.00
166 Bottle Dual Zone
Our Price: $1,500.00
166 Bottle Single Zone
Our Price: $1,500.00
46 Bottle Deluxe Dual Zone
Our Price: $1,333.70
40 Bottle Dual Zone 46 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler 32 Bottle Dual Zone 34 Bottle Single Zone
46 Bottle Dual Zone
Our Price: $950.00
46 Bottle Dual Zone
Our Price: $900.00
32 Bottle Dual Zone
Our Price: $887.70
34 Bottle Single Zone
Our Price: $867.70
19 Bottle Single Zone Cooler Cedon Uncorking Machine ~ Nickel Plated Cedon Uncorking Machine ~ Gold Plated Coravinâ„¢ Model Two Plus Pack Wine System
VinGardeValise® Grande 05 VinGardeValise® Petite 03 Chateau Laguiole Waiter's Corkscrew ~Oak Barrel Chateau Laguiole Waiter's Corkscrew ~ Olive Wood Grand Cru
VinGardeValise® Grande 05
Our Price: $349.00
VinGardeValise® Petite 03
Our Price: $299.00
Chateau Laguiole Waiter's Corkscrew ~ Ebony Grand Cru Monticello Salmanazar Decanter Chateau Laguiole Waiter's Corkscrew ~ Red Stamina Wood Grand Cru Chateau Laguiole Waiter's Corkscrew ~ Green Stamina Wood Grand Cru
Cristoff Salmanazar Decanter Coravinâ„¢ Model One Wine System Chateau Laguiole Waiter's Corkscrew ~ Brown Horn Chateau Laguiole Waiters Corkscrew ~ Stainless Steel
Chateau Laguiole Waiters Corkscrew ~ Black Horn La Vigne French Corkscrew ~  Cabernet Sauvignon La Vigne French Corkscrew ~ Merlot La Vigne French Corkscrew ~ Chardonnay
Monticello Imperial Decanter Flight Decanter Set Glorious Decanter Set Beveled Orbital Single Decanter Set
Flight Decanter Set
Our Price: $162.00
Glorious Decanter Set
Our Price: $160.00
Equestrian Decanter Gift Set Amplifier Vintner's Crystal Tasting Glass (Master Carton of 24) Spiegelau Red & White Beveled Orbital Magnum Decanter
Equestrian Decanter Set
Our Price: $139.00
Spiegelau Red & White
Our Price: $132.00
Classics Burgundy Grand Cru Glass Titanium Pro Champagne Glass (Master Carton of 24) Titanium Pro Chardonnay Grand Cru Glass (Master Carton of 24) Titanium Pro Bordeaux/Cabernet Glass (Master Carton of 24)